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All this started with my first babysitting experience at the age of 11 years old. Back then I lived in Barcelona with my family when my sister asked me to take care of my two-month old niece, María-Luisa, whom I loved and still do of course! On those days the disposable diapers consisted of pads inserted in a diaper-shaped plastic cover that smelled really nice to me at the time. 

Taking my job very seriously, I made sure the baby was clean and dry at all times, that meant I went through almost a whole pack of pads in a few hours. Little did I know then that the enormous pile of soiled diapers was going to affect my life as a mother and adult since the waste produced in such a short time would leave a long lasting effect in my subconscious. When I got pregnant with my son Tristan, nothing was farther away from my mind than using disposable diapers, and I can proudly say I have never used one with my children.

Pregnant in London in 2001, not only did I joined Women and the Environmental network to promote real nappies -made of cloth not paper and plastic-, but I as an educator myself, I took on the responsibility to share with others what I learnt about the impact on the baby´s health, the environment, and alternatives available to parents.

The two main objectives were: to save trees and help changing consumer habits for everybody´s sake.

What started with babies and diapers and followed with skin care products, today continues with women pads and other solutions for unisex incontinence issues. My commitment to serve people and the planet guides me to offer high quality products with the best materials available using the latest textile technology to make it work for busy lives of the 21st century.


To provide ethical, beautiful and practical solutions to every day needs fearlessly dismantling taboos and motivated by our most sincere desire to affect consumer choices for the better


  • We use ethically sourced and fair trade textiles that helps developing countries
  • We work with ISO certified suppliers for best quality 
  • Products are hand-crafted by highly skilled women in southern Spain to help the local economies
  • State-of-the-art Eco-packaging made with 100% sand paper re-usable and 100% biodegradable bags
  • Support Solidarity project like PADS FOR AFRICA
  • Offering Workshops for girls and women on conscious femininity and celebration of womanhood
  • Promoting re-using and discouraging excessive consumption educating new generations on sustainable living


The seed for the present company was planted by a young couple, Luisa and Jose, some 70 years ago in Huercal-Overa, Almeria a province in the beautiful southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Luisa learnt to sew as a child and worked as a seamstress from the age of 12. Soon after she married Jose at 22, she partnered with a relative to set up a home-based family business making outdoor clothing.

In July 1962 however, the sudden death after surgery of her husband left her penniless, with 4 children and pregnant with her fifth child. She had no choice but to start all over again and bring up her kids alone at 36.

foto de famlia

The baby in arms in the photo above is Dolores Rubio-Turtle, founder of Bebes Ecologicos S.L. and its international brand, Orethic, organic and ethical. She grew up working in her mother’s workshop and together with her mum and sister designed a range of children’s’ fashion clothing for the family business. She made her first sales when she was only 11 years old, while the family lived in Barcelona.
When bigger orders started to come for baby products as a result of Dolores showing a future nieces cloths to a local shop, the family moved back to Andalusia to start again the family business that would eventually sell children clothes at National level.Later on this activity would help finance her university and language studies in Spain and more clothes and pattern designs in Barcelona. Unlike her mum, Dolores had the opportunity to train as a linguist in Spain and London and to travel extensively, gaining experience from working in Madrid, Barcelona, London, China and USA where she lives now.
In April 1975 the third generation, baby María Luisa was born, she was the first grandchild and first niece of Dolores. While baby sitting her, Dolores realized the huge amount of waste that a beautiful baby can produce using disposable diapers in just a few hours. The inexperienced baby sitter changed the baby every 20ms since she thought it was her duty to keep the baby completely dry!! She proved to be a very expensive baby sitter too!

foto de famlia

However, she had undoubtedly inherited the entrepreneurial drive from Luisa, and set up her own company in 2002 inspired by her research on the environmental impact of disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products. By then she had joined WEN -Women and the Environmental Network in London as an active volunteer. Her passion for helping protect the Environment from the unnecessary overuse of disposable diapers and feminine products inspired her to share information and alternatives. She chose for Tristan diapers that were practical and could be used for years.


foto de famlia

Oliver, María Luisa´s first son, is wearing the same diaper that Tristan had used nine years previously.

In 2012 during the 10th anniversary of Bebes Ecologicos S.L. and after successfully having inspired hundreds of other mums to set up their own business and sell cloth diapers in Spain, Dolores is determined to spread her Spanish creativity into other countries and has started the internationalization of her company promoting her own range of organic and ethical products under the registered international trade mark, Orethic.
The Orethic range of textile, skin care and feminine products are all manufactured in Spain. All the materials used are certified organic and her suppliers are also certified companies for quality control. The fabrics used also have the MADE FOR HEALTH certification, new chemical safety certification which makes her products ideal for people with chemical sensitivities.
Dolores lives between Ann Arbor (MI) in the USA and Huércal-Overa (Almería) Spain and visits London regularly for business. She directs her two companies from home with inspiration from her daily meditation, homeschooling her children and combining family life and professional activities in the lovely co-housing community where they live.