The Fuji Declaration

What a best way to wish you a Happy and Peaceful year 2016 than to invite you to sign The Fuji Declaration here:

I am really exited to see our society moving forward with this type of international alliance of individuals and organizations who are united by a commitment to live and collaborate toward the advancement of a more harmonious and flourishing world.

The Fuji Declaration is an invitation to people from all nations and walks of life to join in a commonality of purpose beyond borders. And most of all, The Fuji Declaration is a call to consciously evolve with each other and with nature to bring that new world into being.

Visit us at MichFest 40th anniversary!!

Come and visit us from Tuesday 4th – 9th of August 2015

This is our third year as a craft woman to offer our products in the market tent during the Womyn Michigan Music Festival, but this year is also the 40th anniversary!!

All my admiration to the women who work for months in the land and those who organize the event all year around, all that efforts goes into creating a peaceful, joyful and unique experience for all women and children in that wonderful unspoiled forest in Michigan. It is just impossible to say what the is the best thing about it, but I can’t avoid thinking of the showers under the clear August sky! or the smiles and friendly faces all around, or the great new friendships that are born there every year, or the delicious veggie food!

Please don’t miss it if you can, all women should enjoy it at least once in their lives!