How do they work?

set_padsOur Orethic pads with wings have snaps on both sides of the pad, simply wrap the pad around the underwear and snap the wings together.  For Orethic pads without wings, just place them over the underwear and you are ready to go. You may want to use well fitted underwear with those to make sure they stay in place.

How much they absorb?

For the best performance of your brand new pads, we advice to wash them a couple of times before the first use since that will increase the natural absorbency of  the fabric. In the last stages of fabric manufacturing some finishing treatments are used that may affect the fabric´s capacity to absorb if it is not removed by washing , this is why we always pre-wash bath. However, I have used new pads on occasions without problems, so don´t worry if you need to use them unwashed after purchase.


We have several sizes available and each one has several layers of organic materials inside and outside of the pad. It is difficult to predict what each person may need, but women´s intuition is always the best guide. You may have different needs at the beginning, middle or the end of your cycle, so you may want to try just one or two of different absorbency levels and have a better idea of what you body may need at different times of the month.

Which size do I need?

style_absorbencyThe number of Orethic pads you need depends very much on the length and intensity of your cycle. Normally women start with a spot -so we recommend the small or panty liner-, then they have several days of heavy flow for which you can use a Medium or Large size depending on your flow. During the night, some women bleed very little or quite lot, so depending on your needs you can use the Large size or even an Overnight if you are a very heavy bleeder or your body size simply need that extra-length.

How many pads do I need?

The total number of pads you will need depends on the days of your cycle and the type of flow you have. Some women with light flow can have enough with four or five pads, but others with very heavy and long cycles will need at least 12 or 15 pads. It also depends on how often you do your laundry.

Are they not too thin?

Believe it or not we have invested more than 10 years to research and development to be able to offer a pad that is thin yet totally practical. The core inner layer is not only super-absorbent but water-proof and breathable. Our unique patented design is extremely reliable, so it will not let you down whatever you choose.


Are they not hot?

What produces heat in conventional disposable pads is the plastic layer inside that makes them water-proof. In our case, we are using the latest textile technology to have an inner layer which is water-proof and breathable at the same time. We are not using plastic nor polyester, a man-made fabric derived from oil, that does not allow the pass of air.

How about odor?

When we wear something that prevents the circulation of air from our bodies, the perspiration is prevented with the consequent oxidation odor´s presence. With Orethic pads, we have taken care of that problem by using breathable materials to allow air circulation.


How do I care for my pads?


Fresh blood comes out with cold water, so it is best to rinse your pads after use, if you can but avoid hot water because it tends to fix stains. If you can not rinse them after use and have a stubborn stain on them, we highly recommend to pre-treat the stain with our Coconut soap which we developed  especially to deal with stains naturally and efficiently while making your hands soft too!

If you have any other natural soap at home, rub it on the pads and leave it over night (you can also do that with Orethic coconut soap), then you can just rinse them or put them in the washing machine.


Can I choose fabric and prints?

Of course you can!

Whenever possible we try to use organically certified and ethically sourced fabrics, but to have fun prints on organic fabric is not always possible, however, here is a good selection of options for you:

Bell flower water-based print on organic & fair trade jersey cotton from India + natural organic & fair trade jersey cotton from Peru



Dots exclusive Orethic print on organic & fair trade jersey cotton from Peru + solid colors on organic & fair trade jersey cotton from India



Dragonfly exclusive Orethic print on organic flannel cotton + organic velour bamboo fabric



Fun prints on conventional cotton + solid colors on organic & fair trade jersey cotton from India


Fun prints on conventional cotton + solid colors on organic velour bamboo fabric

How about when out and about or at work?

You can bring your Orethic water-proof bag with you with fresh replacement pads in it and use the bag to store the used ones. It would be better if you rinse them after use, but you can simply fold them over themselves with the snap and wash them at home. As you rinse your hands you can also rinse your pad before tossing them on the washer.


How do I store my pads?

Your pads will become part of your underwear, so you can keep them with the rest of your underwear or store them in our re-usable box. If you choose this packaging you can turn the box inside out for a nice design that will be both decorative and practical. You can also use this box to soak your pads!

Boxes available in two sizes


What other uses have Orethic pads?

Our pads can be used for more than just menstruation:

Minor dribbling
Ulcerative colitis
Irritable bowel syndrome
Overactive bladder

After prostate cancer treatment…