Tigress, a phenomenal publication!

After reading what these great young women are doing, we cannot help but having a HUGE HOPE for our lives in the planet!


Freya from Australia and Sophie from the USA, met, cooperate, became friends and work online together! They represent our technology savy youth but with incredible talents and commitment to other women and men. They are raising funds for a paper publication , but in the meantime you can visit their online version, this is how they describe their magazine:

Tigress is FOR you, BY you. It is a one of a kind, collaborative, and creative community in the form of an online magazine. It is a place that allows us to acknowledge each other for who we are: beautiful, strong, quirky, clever, unique, and everything in between. Tigress consists of creative work by girls from all over the world, and we aim to give you a magazine filled with great stories, art, advice, and information in the hopes of leaving you feeling empowered, accepted, and worthy. We’re so glad you’re here!

Read more about these project here:

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